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Things needed before you get started.
1 You must be atleast 18 years old.
2 A personal computer with webcam.
3 Broadband internet connection (15Kb upload or better recommended)
** broadband connections are like Cable, DSL, SmartBro, etc.
4 A scanned image of government issued photo ID you can upload. This must be ID with your full name, date of birth and a your picture.
5 An email address the website can contact you at.
If you have any questions before you start, chat with our "New Account Specialist" online.

yahoo messenger id: sac_manager

NOTE: If you already work on the website or if you represent many workers, and need a studio account, then do not use this signup page.  If you worked before and are returning to work ask to have your old account reopened instead of making a new one.

If you already started a new account do not fill this out again. Use the 'Performer Login' box at the top of this page to continue where you stopped. Your information was saved with the username and password you selected.
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When you work on the site you agree that all images and recordings used online become property of the website.
New accounts must be reviewed with ID uploaded before they can be approved. You will recieve an email after your account is approved.  Approval normally takes only one business day.